​​Magic Circle Child Care

Our Curriculum is based around the children's interests, strengths, needs and home life. We encourage all children to have a voice and ensure they are heard. We do this through play and mat sessions with the children. The children love the "Morning Minutes" we do with them to have a chat about what they did yesterday or on the weekend and they want to share it with their friends. We follow the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) and the Being, Belonging & Becoming Framework. 

Our Babies love helping staff select what they want to do in their day and even though many of them do not have a voice to be heard they definitely have an opinion. We give them a chance to share their ideas by them helping us select what they want to do through pictures, toys, actions and expression. We then use this to make a curriculum for them and share "Learning Stories" and observations with their families. Babies enjoy a variety of activities that include art activities, fine motor skills, signing, movement sessions, mat sessions, outdoor play, sand pit play and they have fun!

Our Toddlers learn about independence in the 2 - 3 room. It is mainly about self help through toilet training, eating and drinking independently, social and emotional skills are a focus in this room also. The children love expanding their individual skills are they are so proud when they can do it for themselves. We love seeing these milestones and they will be on show through our curriculum and photos.

Our Kindy room is all about preparation for "Big School". We love helping the children succeed with tracing letters, number and letter recognition, colours and shapes. The children have a strong say in the activities for the day and we ensure that the children are having fun while they learn. Our Room Leaders ensure that all children are involved learners through the curriculum and they are all encouraged to share ideas, news and thoughts.

​Our Curriculum